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Стихотворение Jazpoet с цитатами песен BTS

На английском. Не испорчено переводом.))

I wrote this a while back

It is "No more dream"
they knew this was the "Path" they want to take

people told them "N.O"
but they said: "We on!", "R U happy now?"
while taking a sip from their "Coffee"

with 7 of them they became "Soulmate"s
in "Just one day"
waiting for "Tomorrow"
they knew this adventure would be a big "Jump"

with lots of "Danger"
and walking through the "Rain"
they asked each other: "What are you doing?"
while getting "Embarrassed"

They grew from it as you saw in their "Blooming youth"
they told each other: "I need U" just "Hold me tight"
and their performances became so "Dope"
just a group of "Boyz with fun"

but as fame grew they had to "Run"
because it takes time to fly like a "Butterfly"
they started spending "One night in a strange city"
and at the end of the day felt like "Dead leaves"

This all took a lot of "Blood sweat & tears"
thinking about their "First love" named "MAMA"
getting "Lost" because of all the thoughts
"Am I wrong"? or not

then they met "Serendipity"
showing them talent is in their "DNA"
like having a "Dimple" is in your genes
this made them "Go Go Go"

and removing all the "Fake love" in their lives
which led to confusion that felt like a "Love maze"
but they said: "So what"
with and without a "Tear"

They reached their "Euphoria"
while becoming "Idol"s
and by spreading the message of love yourself and "Love myself"

Everyone started seeing each of them as a "Boy with luv"
something they "Jamais vu"

This whole process showed them the "Shadow" of life
which took a lot of "UGH!" moments
but eventually they earned "Respect"
and are still going strong and "ON!"

Made by Jazpoet

Не испорчено переводом.))

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